Vienna's Waiting

A teenage girl's battle with pain.

Georgia Weston

An intensely personal journey of anguish, solitude,and despair...

At 14, Georgia was on top of the world. Her life as a teenager was filled with hope and promise, until a mysterious pain developed in her back and leg.

When doctors failed to help, she spiraled into hopelessness.

This book chronicles her feelings during that dark period of her life, and follows her inspirational journey back to health and happiness.

274 pages

About the Author

A longtime sufferer of chronic pain, Georgia Weston is the founder of the Teen Pain Help Foundation (www.teenpainhelp.org).

After the ordeal chronicled in this book, Georgia attended St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, as a psychology major with a minor in art.

After graduation, she attended the University of Southern California’s Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work and earned her Master of Social Work degree.

As the Executive Director of the Teen Pain Help Foundation she continues her volunterr outreach, spreading the word about children and young people who are suffering from chronic pain, offering them useful information and hope.

Georgia is currently employed as the Executive Director of a non-profit foundation called CHYP (Creative Healing for Youth in Pain). The foundation's mission is to help young people alleviate chronic pain through using creative pursuits such as music, art, writing, dance, etc.