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The Magic of Fairy Falls


The Magic of Fairy Falls

Veronica Huston

Danny has always been just a regular sixth grader, but when his father gives him a mysterious locket, odd things begin to occur.

The family visits Fairy Falls during summer vacation and stays at an old hotel in the middle of nowhere -- and the hotel owner and his son seem to be running into Danny a lot. He's just made some new and queer friends, hiding in the area, and the hotel manager won't stop at anything to get his hands on them ...

The Magic of Fairy Falls is an amazing adventure as seen through the eyes of a kid -- not what an adult writer thinks a kid sees. No indeed, this novel was written by an eleven-year-old and transports the reader into the mystical realm of magic as only someone on the cusp of childhood could imagine. What a terrific experience.

73 pages

About the Author

This is Veronica Huston’s first novel. An avid reader and promising writer, she loves fantasy and stories that stretch the imagination.

A student at Roscomare Road Elementary School, in Bel Air, California, she is known for her poetry and as a featured soloist with the school chorus. She also enjoys playing soccer and softball, and has been an All-Star in both sports.

As a sometime fortune teller known as Madam Veronique, she has consistently surprised people with accurate predictions and insights.

She loves to travel and has visited all 48 contiguous states with her family. Currently, she has her sights set on Alaska, Hawaii, and Paris (preferably without her family).

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