The Book Book

Inside the Inside Story

by Jimmy Huston
About the Book

The reading experience is shown from the book’s point of view. What do they think of readers and the way we treat them? They keep trying to entertain and educate us. What do we do for them? How can we take care of them, as well as use them?

This is a journey from behind the print and it encourages a responsible attitude toward book ownership and book usage.

The book is designed specifically for librarians and teachers, in addition to parents. All book lovers will appreciate the messages of respect that are aimed at young kids who take books for granted.

Illustrations: 47 full color

About the Author

Jimmy Huston’s parents were teachers, his wife is an author, and his two daughters are authors, one of them also being a librarian. Books are a big deal at his house. At some point the books began talking to him, and he dutifully took notes, resulting in this tome.