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Engelmann the Footloose Christmas Spruce

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the Footloose Christmas Spruce

Lynn Mills

A poetic Christmas tale.

He seems like such a quiet, ordinary Christmas tree - but when the Hurley family takes him home, something wonderful happens.

Maybe it's the decorations (handmade by the way), or the beaming smiles of the kids, or his proud, happy name - Engelmann? Who knows?

Engelmann becomes the center of the family's holiday season among the gifts and the songs and the happiest of times. But if Christmas doesn't last, why would Christmas trees? Uh oh.

What’s a young tree to do when it’s all over and the kids go back to school? Engelmann -- facing the holiday trash heap -- is no ordinary tree. He makes a run for it!

33 pages
32 full color illustrations

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About the Author

Lynn Mills lives in Southern California and loves reading Christmas books to her daughters every Christmas Eve, even though they are now in their 20s.