Dead Is the New Sick


Dead Is the New Sick

An Insider's Guide to
Senility, Paranoia, & Curmudgery

Jimmy Huston

A humorous compendium of ill-conceived advice and misunderstood life-lessons.

Getting older is not for the squeamish. Darkly funny, Dead Is the New Sick bestows the “wisdom of the aged” to help you navigate fun things like assisted living, social security, medicare and everything in between. Sounds depressing? Not a bit. You’ll be laughing all the way to the ER.

Brilliantly illustrated. If you don't want to die, read this book. Maybe you'll change your mind.

79 pages
45 full-color illustrations
5.5 x 8.5

Rated PG-65
About the Author

This book was written before author Jimmy Huston’s untimely and tragic demise, whenever that might occur. Until then, he resides in Southern California, where he and his wife are hiding from their two adult daughters. He really likes cherry pie.