Autism for Beginners



Autism for Beginners

Surfing the Spectrum

Jimmy Huston

This is an introduction for both kids and parents to the difficult subject of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Presented in a simple, straightforward manner, with a variety of illustrations, the book is an informative overview of what the autism spectrum is and how it affects people.

It explains basic behaviors to watch for and how they can affect both a growing child and the adult that person will become.

More importantly, it emphasizes the fact that autism is much more common than most people believe, and that there are aspects that are positive and can contribute to a successful and happy life.

Included are many examples of successful people with autism in a wide variety of different fields.

It is, above all, an alert to parents to seek professional help.


About the Author

Jimmy Huston has written a number of books for kids, some dealing with dyslexia, ADHD, OCD, reading issues, cussing, belching, and not going to college. What is he thinking? Well, here he goes again.